Student Success

Girl with backup in the woods looking at a mapToday’s students need personalized help. They feel intense pressure to graduate on time, to make the best use of family resources. They worry about making good choices.

They also worry about future job prospects. The career landscape is evolving at dizzying speed. New types of jobs emerge every day. What is the best way to build a portfolio of skills?

The UO has an innovative solution—Willie and Donald Tykeson Hall, designed from the ground up to engage students in a comprehensive suite of advising services.

You can be a trailblazer, a forward-thinking leader who helps students chart a path to success. 

Circles of student success



Tykeson Hall will usher in a new era in advising.

Universities across the country are grappling with the best way to help students envision career possibilities. Far too many students fail to take full advantage of either academic or career advising. Part of the problem: Most institutions place academic advising in one “silo” and career advising in another. Students are left to fill the gaps between the two.

Tykeson Hall will integrate these two advising functions into a suite of resources that help students navigate their academic program with intention and purpose.

The building is being designed—from the ground up—to surround students with services, mentors and integrated academic/career advising that will set them on their personalized career trajectories.

You can be one of the leading philanthropists who will help our students chart a meaningful path forward. We invite you to consider a naming opportunity.

Find out more by contacting the College of Arts and Sciences development staff:

David Welch, Executive Director of Development (541) 346-3950

Renee Gordon, Senior Director of Development (541) 346-2119

John McGrath, Director of Development, Portland  (503) 412-3726

Sally Dougherty, Sr. Assoc. Director of Development (541) 346-3903